“Thank you so much for your outstanding service in helping me furnish and decorate my new home. I am so pleased!” Karel, Springfield, IL

“I cannot thank you enough for all you did for us. We all absolutely LOVE IT!! And I can't wait to get home every night to enjoy it!” Kelly, Springfield, IL

"Excellent experience with Kris and her team. I had strong ideas about my likes and desires for design and enhancement of my living room and basement. Kris was able to thoroughly execute design ideas that I fell in love with. Kris went the extra mile to ensure everything was perfect. I would highly recommend this company!"  Michelle, Springfield, IL 

"I hired KSID interiors to help me with a video conferencing room. The room needed color and sound treatment without looking like someone stapled pillows to the walls. Kris and her team helped me source acoustical treatments as well as colors and images for them. The final project included the proper wall color and layout of the acoustical panels in a way that made sense. I am constantly getting compliments on all aspects of the room, especially KSID's part of the project."  Bob, Springfield, IL

"They were great to work with. Used KSID Interiors to design a kitchen space. Kris and staff listened to my needs, offered various alternatives and even went with me to help pick out cabinets. I would highly recommend them to all of you who need a great designer and at a reasonable price."  Lana, Sherman, IL 

"We have used KSID Interiors for several projects at the University and have always been pleased with their personal service, attention to detail. I would highly recommend their firm for any interiors project. The first time I dealt with Kris Salter in 2003, she was with another professional design firm. She almost single-handedly brought the interior design of the project to a very successful completion. That is one of the reasons I still use her firm."  Dave, Springfield, IL

"I have worked several times with Kris and her team but the one thing I remember most is the airport; the style and the colors are all timeless and until they tear the building down will work. She saved these people a lot of money and they probably don't realize it!" Terry, Springfield, IL

"KSID Interiors has always been a delight to work with. Kris's expertise and attention to the smallest details made another remodeling project a success before we drove the first nail."

"I consulted Kris Salter of KSID when we decided to remodel our home. We took the walls down to the studs, added a partial 2nd story, and created a new roofline. Kris helped with the design of our home. She moved walls, designed our lighting, and created a beautifully functional kitchen. She and her staff helped with a myriad of design choices. Kris' help was wonderful because I could tell her what I liked, but couldn't put into words and she could make it happen even better than I imagined. Kris and her staff were very professional, timely, and especially well-tuned to our needs. I would recommend her to anyone in need of interior design expertise."

"When we built our new home 4 years ago I hired KSID Interiors, Inc. to help me. I am so very happy with their service. They were professional, fun to work with and very competent. they gave their professional opinion without being pushy. They listened to my opinions and suggestions and then steered me in the right direction. We love our new home and receive many compliments on how it looks. I couldn't have done it without them!"

"We worked with KSID Interiors in remodeling and developing concepts for a historic restaurant. Kris and her team did excellent work throughout the project and continuously nailed it with taking my ideas and illustrating them to make it come to life. I would absolutely use KSID Interiors on future projects."

"KSID has done exceptional work in our facilities. Their professionalism, insight into desired outcomes and enthusiasm were invaluable. They are innovative while maintaining budget and outcome parameters. I have had first hand experience with their personal and corporate facility services and would highly recommend them."

"KSID does an outstanding job. Have had numerous positive compliments on the color scheme and general decorating of commercial building. Highly recommend."

"Kris and her associates were awesome! They were prompt, professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them highly. They were available as needed with advice and feedback."

"KSID helped with the interior design of our new home, especially focusing on planning use of space. They also guided me through the entire process of everything from paint colors to doorbell. After house was completed I have continued the company's expertise for decorating our home. Everything from furniture to florals to patio furniture and landscaping."